In the event that we ever have a newcomer (aka the day that hell freezes over) we want them to be up to speed so they can join in the banter. Here is a list of every user and what you can make fun of them about.


  • Australian
  • Has a fetish for kangaroos and dingos
  • Probably Jewish
  • Typical preppy privileged white boy


  • Poor
  • Probably on welfare
  • Fat (not as fat as jro)
  • Ain't never had a job
  • Ain't never touched a woman
  • Looks like JonTron/A Gorilla
  • Hairy af (probs cant afford a razor)
  • Is a redneck from Texas


  • Mexican
  • Probably illegal
  • Goes to church 382472 times a week
  • Thirsty for Asian girls
  • Goes to liberal arts school
  • Relies on affirmative action scholarships
  • Goes through bipolar phases
  • Takes himself very seriously
  • Tries very hard at things but usually fails
  • Fragile ego
  • Acts like a total swag fag on social media uploading selfies in which he obviously spent half an hour working on his hair and wanky quotes like some pretentious knob
  • Name is Benny


  • Pedo
  • 69 years old
  • No personality
  • Nothing interesting to say
  • Makes plans and never follows through on them
  • Relies on Heo's gay love for him but never really contributes anything
  • Is probably atleast half-black


  • Happy ham
  • Gay with Rj
  • Wont stfu about survivor
  • Mexican
  • Not exactly the smartest person
  • Has no testicles
  • Unreliable and irritating
  • Has the funniest voice that sounds like a permenant squeaky voice break


  • Everything the same as Fiz but instead of Mexican he is Asian
  • Looks like Kim Jong Un
  • Rj Monroe


  • Jewish
  • Extremely Fat
  • Asbergers
  • No social skills
  • Has literally never stepped outside his room
  • Spends 2 hours eating dinner
  • Addicted to video games
  • Insecure/In denial
  • Has temper tantrums
  • Nobody really likes him
  • Watches Hentai


  • Unreliable
  • Incapable of holding a decent line of conversation
  • Is like 13 years old
  • Probably Mexican


  • Same as Dark
  • is black
  • Is from freaking Iowa of all places

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