Let the record show that I predicted this.

The only word we have had that is supposedly 'confirming' the new season was a throwaway line at the end of some random video at the end of Chris' voice actor's channel. In that video, the whole purpose of it was to announce some random minor TD related thing. At the very end, the Chris actor is like 'oh yeah new TD season' and in a really weird, almost joking tone. When saying this, he could hardly keep a straight face. This was about two months ago and there has been no news since.

Inb4 there actually is no season and that one line at the end of the video was just a joke/troll just so they could watch the fanboys get all excited for nothing. Inb4 they never actually deconfirm it but just leave everyone waiting for ever.

That would be the ultimate troll, and if this is true my respect goes out to the people at Fresh

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