Hi there, it's everyone's favourite Australian ogre here, before reading this blog make sure you have read all 3 episodes of the TDRPW Star Wars Series, you can find them here:

Firstly I'd like to say thank you for the support for the series you guys have given me on chat, I really appreciated it as it gave me extra motivation to push through with it.

Regarding possible future Chwiis FFs, I am kinda stuck about what to write and how I should differ it from Star Wars. So in the comments I need you to plz answer me a few questions and if possible explain your answers to the questions so I can get tips/feedback in order to make my future FFs as good as possible.

  • What was the best character in Star Wars?- so I know what to keep the same
  • What was the best moment in Star Wars?- for the same reason
  • What were some of the worst things about Star Wars and how can I improve them?- so I know what to improve
  • What type of FFs in the future would you like to see me write?- I have kinda been flip flopping ideas. I could do parodies of different movies/TV shows, or I could instead write an OG story. At one point I was considering writing a FF about gangs but idk. Suugestions for ideas would be great!
  • And any other sort of feedback you want to give

Thanks a lot a look forward to reading your feedback 8===D

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