Ever wonder how big your shaft really is? Put down that ruler boi and take the quiz!



What Ethnicity are you?

a. Ogre (5 points)

b. Black (4 points)

c. Beaner (3 points)

d. White (2 points)

e. Asian (1 point)


You are at a bar and you see a really hot chick, you...

a. Approach her from the back and immediately penetrate her (5 points)

b. Say hi and invite her to your place for a spot of sex (4 points)

c. Slip your number into her panties (3 points)

d. Don't talk to her because you're a pussy (2 points)

e. Ignore her because ur gay (1 point)


You are being bullied at school, you...

a. OHKO the bully with a turkey slap (5 points)

b. Destroy him with your amazing comebacks (4 points)

c. Ignore him (3 points)

d. Cut yourself (2 points)

e. Go and tell the teacher (1 point)


Your TV only has 5 channels, do you watch...

a. Shrek (5 points)

b. WWE (4 points)

c. Family Guy (3 points)

d. Friends (2 points)

e. Survivor/Big Brother (1 point)


You're walking across the Texan/Mexican border and you see an illegal crossing it, do you...

a. Shoot him (5 points)

b. Kidnap him and sell him into slavery (4 points)

c. Call immigration on him (3 points)

d. Suck is dick (2 points)

e. Offer him refuge in your home (1 point)


It's a Saturday night, what do you do?

a. Invite a bunch of bitches over for a gangbang (5 points)

b. Go get high with some friends (4 points)

c. Go on a date (3 points)

d. Pull an all nighter on TDRPW (2 points)

e. Spend the night fapping to some chick's FB pics (1 point)


You're at a party, what drug do you take?

a. Crack (5 points)

b. Weed (4 points)

c. Alcohol (3 points)

d. I don't do drugs (2 points)

e. LOL as if I would ever get invited to a party (1 point)


Add up your score, if you got...

35 points- 12+ inches, holy shit dude that's almost as big as Chwiis'

28-34 points- 10 inches, you have a large shaft

21-27 points- 8 inches, you have an average sized shaft

14-20 points- 6 inches, I would take a bite of your Subway 6 inch

7-13 points- 4 inches or less, don't worry JRO I'm sure it would be bigger if the rabbi didn't cut half of it off

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