• I live in Mah Swamp
  • I was born on September 26
  • My occupation is Professional Ogre
  • I am Let me check... uhhh.... male... I think...
  • Chwiis

    Welcome back to part two of Captain Crunch.

    Congrats to User:ToasterSnifferBreadisGood for winning last round with this entry:

    Check your wall boi, a sexy prize just for you is on there.

    This week, we have a new image to caption. Remember the winner is the person who captions this image and gets the most likes (to like a caption use the template. Here is the image to caption:

    Have fun hoes!

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  • Chwiis

    TDRPW Caption Crunch

    May 2, 2015 by Chwiis

    Welcome to another blatant rip-off activity that will inevitabley die after a day or so called TDRPW Captain Crunch

    Caption this image for a chance to win a sexy prize

    Whichever caption gets the most likes wins

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  • Chwiis

    Dave YoloMoney

    January 31, 2015 by Chwiis

    Introducing everyone's favourite new OC, Dave YoloMoney.

    Dave's favourite things to do include being a rap god, fucking bitches, smoking weed and just generally being a all round bad motherfucker.

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  • Chwiis

    Ever wonder how big your shaft really is? Put down that ruler boi and take the quiz!

    What Ethnicity are you?

    a. Ogre (5 points)

    b. Black (4 points)

    c. Beaner (3 points)

    d. White (2 points)

    e. Asian (1 point)

    You are at a bar and you see a really hot chick, you...

    a. Approach her from the back and immediately penetrate her (5 points)

    b. Say hi and invite her to your place for a spot of sex (4 points)

    c. Slip your number into her panties (3 points)

    d. Don't talk to her because you're a pussy (2 points)

    e. Ignore her because ur gay (1 point)

    You are being bullied at school, you...

    a. OHKO the bully with a turkey slap (5 points)

    b. Destroy him with your amazing comebacks (4 points)

    c. Ignore him (3 points)

    d. Cut yourself (2 points)

    e. Go and tell the teacher (…

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  • Chwiis
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