This does not pertain to the wiki this is a seperate bHey everybody, and welcome to the first ever newsletter! Here you can view the most recent events and things coming soon on the wiki. We also will have featured image, user, and so on.

Roleplays you can sign up for:

Total Drama: Big Brother - a new roleplay by Chunky starting in 2014. Sign ups end on December 28, 2013, and you may only use original characters. Run by overflow sign ups.
Total Drama American Rampage - a new roleplay by Rocky starting at an undetermined date. Sign ups are currently being run by overflow, and you can use both original and canon total drama characters.
Total Drama Hunger Games - brand new roleplay run by Grass, starting this year. Sign ups are run by all join in and both original characters and canon total drama characters are permitted.

Roleplay Schedule:
Total Drama Hunger Games will commence on either Friday, December 27 or Saturday, December 28.
Total Drama: Big Brother will commence on January 1, 2014, being our first roleplay of the new year!

Featured This Week:
TDP LogoTotal Drama Paranormal is our featured roleplay of the week.
JoJo is our featured character of the week.
JRO123 is our featured user of the week.

This blog is so short as it is the first newsletter. See you guys again on new years eve!

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