Please read everything! or skim through it! This Game is going to fun i promise! :D


This Game is fundamentally about speed, patience and intelligence. This game is not about drawing or anything other wise, there will be some drawing involved but there basically not meant to be perferct. All you have to do is sign up and complete the challenges. The challenges include (for example) draw a dog, find any song that has the lines "I love you" in the lyrics. But the challenges are more fun! TRUST ME!
These challenges do not tend to be perfect (the drawing challenges). You do not have to make the drawings perfect but at least show you tried. The challenge is based on speed, so why not try to be the first one to finish it right? Because, who ever posts there challenge last is automatically eliminated and will no longer participate in further challenges. The last user standing wins! What do they win? 


The Winner can choose one of these prizes:

  • A Free OC Made by me.
  • A Free OC Remake.
  • A Picture Drawn by me.
  • A Group picture (4-6 Characters MAX) [But it doesnt include a remake of the oc or an oc made by me]
  • An Icon Done by me.
  • Or if non of those are valuable to you (meaning doesnt seem like a good prize), You may ask me for something else that you would want!

If you're not sure what some of my drawings look. like, you're not as sure to the point of winning the game, here are some of my artwork!:


But im slowly getting more better so who knows, if the prizes are gonna be valuabe to you!

How the challenges will work

  1. You all will be given the challenge (You must check on the shows page to keep an eye on whats new)
  2. You must do the challenge as fast as you can and post it as quickly as you can on the shows page comments! (ill make the page later)
  3. Last person to post is eliminated!
  4. players who dont make the due date will be disqualified!

Rules of the challenge

  1. You can not use old drawers that you have made for one of the challenges. it NEEDS to be a new drawing.
  2. Read the instructions carefully when given a challenge!
  3. There will be no getting help from a friend who is outside of the challenge! (unless if its an alliance and that person who is helping is STILL in the game!)
  4. No editing pictures (you'll see why in other challenges)
  5. Do not claim this game to be unfair or rigged! Im trying to make this game fun!
  6. If you will be apsent for one of the challenges (due to personal issues). You can be excused for 1 challenge and 1 challenge only!
  7. Be nice to one another. If a fight ever breaks lose in the challenge over the game, can result to disqualification!
  8. Make the due dates. (The challenges are easy and simple so i dont see why you wouldnt make the due date, AND ITS FUN!!!)

Sign Ups

Now that you all know the rules and what you all will be playing for! here is how to sign up!:

Your color that will represent you: (if somebody already had the color pick another please!)
Lucky Number: (if someone already has the number choose another!)

And thats about it! I hope to seeing you all there!
And ill be hoping to meet all of you guys there! (:


If you have any questions let me know!

there is not a limit to how many players I need, Just make sure to audition until November 20th because that is when the due date is closed And good luck!


# Name # of Points
17 Heo 0
9 Aqua 0
9.9 Fiz 0
69 Chwiis 0
26 Rocky 0
21 RJ 0
14 GO 0

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