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  • I live in Alaska
  • My occupation is School
  • I am Female
  • Brazilianbimbo

    Kami (c) Me
    Sabrina (c) Original58
    Troy (c) Heozaki

    First Name:
    Last Name: (If cant think of one Ill help you!)
    Hometown: (State, Country)
    Sexual Orientation:
    Picture of OC:

    If you dont feel like drawing make a character from this website and PrtSc the OC and post it in the comments then Ill draw the OC for you!

    If you want me to draw the character good. Its best to have a picture of your OC and in BitStrip form! Its more easier for me lol!

    P.S - Once on the website when your done selecting a Gender, click on the word "Pro Mode" on the right bottom hand corner to costomize more freely!

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  • Brazilianbimbo

    I'm back!

    February 20, 2015 by Brazilianbimbo

    Sorry for being god guys! I had problems using the Wikia... The buttons wouldnt work and the connection was horrible for some odd reason! But I'm back now You all. Sorry for being gone...

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  • Brazilianbimbo

    So for this next challenge do any of you have paint?

    Paint should look a little something like this....

    If not let me know.

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  • Brazilianbimbo


    Please read everything! or skim through it! This Game is going to fun i promise! :D

    This Game is fundamentally about speed, patience and intelligence. This game is not about drawing or anything other wise, there will be some drawing involved but there basically not meant to be perferct. All you have to do is sign up and complete the challenges. The challenges include (for example) draw a dog, find any song that has the lines "I love you" in the lyrics. But the challenges are more fun! TRUST ME!
    These challenges do not tend to be perfect (the drawing challenges). You do not have to make the drawings perfect but at least show you tried. The challenge is based on speed, so why not try to be the fir…

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