Hello, TD here. and today, I am writing a SPECIAL blog post about a SPECIAL user. GODuncan. Yeah, we all dislike him. He has been a bitch to me, and I am very tired of it. Everytime I say something, he says "STFU TD". He has been banned multiple times for doing the shit he does, and he still does it, because he has not learned that he always gets banned for that shit. Btw, "WE RP NOW" is fucking annoying. So this time, why don't you stfu, I would appreciate it. Plus, he is a homophobic, racist little shit. He makes me and OMGitsGARRET feel like shit. Lol look, he just said this in chat - I WANT BACON TACO. WE EAT BACON TACO NOW". God damn, STFU GO. Absolutely nobody in chat likes you, SO GET A CLUE! 

This is XxVeryKindTDXx, out. Btw...


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