Garret: OMG, GO, we should date.

GO: Eww, no. 

Garret: RJ?

RJ: Hell no bitch.

Garret: Fiz?
Fiz: get away from me.
Garret: Ally? 

Ally: Like, no, you troll way too much and I like, already have a boyfriend who's way better than you.

Garret: Nobody wants me!!!!

Heo: I want you, Garret.

Garret: Like, shut up, you're just an ugly Mexican fool who tries to act cool all of the time.

Ally: You tell him Garret!!

--Fiz, RJ, and Ally are seen at a table gossiping--

Fiz: Like omg, did you see hiz hair?

Rj: Omg, I know, he's soo annoying!

Ally: Like, I know I support gay rights and all, but he takes it way too far.

Fiz: Did you see Heo's shoes?

RJ: He's mexican! Eww!

Ally: He has an annoying voice. By the way, we shouod like, make an alliance!

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