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    TDRPW Island Episode 1

    February 8, 2015 by AaliyahMoon

    Meta: This is a reality show, I'd explain more, but I really don't care. Please welcome... *face drops* Chris...

    Chris: Shrek is bae.

    Meta: I don't really care.

    Chris: Well, you should.

    Meta: And why is that?

    Chris: Because I'm not a Jew!

    Meta: *throws arms up in frustration* Ally...

    Ally: *throws hair back* Eww, we're staying here?!

    Chris: Shut up! It's a beautiful swamp.

    Ally: Eww... You must, like, live in the ghetto. *glares*

    Chris: Got a problem with that, bitch?

    Ally: Excuse me?! *clenches fist*

    Meta: *sighs* GO...

    GO: You're a girl! *stares in awe*

    Ally: What, you've never seen a fricken girl before?

    Chris: WOOOW GO!!! You're sexist! You're probably straight and white too!!

    GO: I am straight and white?

    Chris: Thats homophobic AND racist! You must di…

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    Garret: OMG, GO, we should date.

    GO: Eww, no.

    Garret: RJ?

    RJ: Hell no bitch.

    Garret: Fiz?
    Fiz: get away from me.
    Garret: Ally?

    Ally: Like, no, you troll way too much and I like, already have a boyfriend who's way better than you.

    Garret: Nobody wants me!!!!

    Heo: I want you, Garret.

    Garret: Like, shut up, you're just an ugly Mexican fool who tries to act cool all of the time.

    Ally: You tell him Garret!!

    --Fiz, RJ, and Ally are seen at a table gossiping--

    Fiz: Like omg, did you see hiz hair?

    Rj: Omg, I know, he's soo annoying!

    Ally: Like, I know I support gay rights and all, but he takes it way too far.

    Fiz: Did you see Heo's shoes?

    RJ: He's mexican! Eww!

    Ally: He has an annoying voice. By the way, we shouod like, make an alliance!

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    July 30, 2014 by AaliyahMoon

    Hi guys, it's Ally... I informed you guys two days ago that I was thinking about taking another break... Well, I am. Honestly, the things you guys say can hurt and it does. I mean, the Heo x Ally jokes were bad enough, but TD said something that made me know I was going to take a break and I know he didn't mean it to be mean. So, in case I don't come back, I will leave you guys each your own little note.

    Rocky, you are a funny person and although you can be a jerk sometimes, it's okay because overall you at a genuinely nice person.

    Chwiis, you are funny and are a really nice person. You were a part of the Chwiis, Ally, RJ, Fiz group, and you are a true friend.

    Toast, you are a really funny person.

    Gras, you are cool and I consider you a reall…

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