Just like every other past Hurt & Heal game. Heal your favorite president, hurt your least favorite. Also, try not to make this into too much of a political war, as this is simply for kicks. Have fun!

Character Points Rank
Donald Trump Over 9000 Winner
Abraham Lincoln 0 Runner-Up
Theodore Roosevelt 0 3rd
Thomas Jefferson 0 4th
Franklin D. Roosevelt 0 5th
Ronald Reagan 0 6th
Dwight D. Eisenhower 0 7th
George Washington 0 8th
Harry S. Truman 0 9th
John Adams 0 10th
Andrew Jackson 0 11th
James K. Polk 0 12th
James Madison 0 13th
Calvin Coolidge 0 14th
Richard Nixon 0 15th
William McKinley 0 16th
Grover Cleveland 0 17th
Woodrow Wilson 0 18th
James Monroe 0 19th
George H.W. Bush 0 20th
Gerald Ford 0 21st
John Quincy Adams 0 22nd
James A. Garfield 0 23rd
Warren G. Harding 0 24th
Benjamin Harrison 0 25th
Rutherford B. Hayes 0 26th
Martin Van Buren 0 27th
Chester A. Arthur 0 28th
William Henry Harrison 0 29th
George W. Bush 0 30th
Ulysses S. Grant 0 31st
John F. Kennedy 0 32nd
Zachary Taylor 0 33rd
Lyndon B. Johnson 0 34th
Franklin Pierce 0 35th
John Tyler 0 36th
William H. Taft 0 37th
Herbert Hoover 0 38th
Bill Clinton 0 39th
Andrew Johnson 0 40th
Barack Obama 0 41st
Millard Fillmore 0 42nd
Jimmy Carter 0 43rd
James Buchanan 0 44th

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