Total Drama Back in Action is a roleplay started on June 25th 2014. It centers on Chris taking Total Drama back to the film lot with 12 contestants. There is Laughter, romance, backstabbing, alliances and of course loads of drama in this exciting new show!


The Screaming Gaffers

Harold- Played By JRO123

Dave- Played By DegrassiFTW27

Scarlett- Played By Drfizwuz997xlol

Dakota- Played by SteelWolf

Jasmine- Played by TeamDarkfan4

Amy- Played by Toastersnifferbreadisgood

The Killer Grips

Dawn- Played By JRO123

Justin - Played By DegrassiFTW27

Katie- Played By Drfizwuz997xlol

Heather- Played By Steelwolf

Ella- Played By TeamDarkfan4

Samey- Played By Toastersnifferbreadisgood


A New Season: The Horror, The Horror!!

The season begins with the 12 being dropped off at their destination, where they meet Chris standing in front of the gate of the film lot. Heather makes quick work with her plans, trying to align herself with Justin, Scarlett and Amy. The teens are split up soon after as we have the Grips and Gaffers 2.0! We then find out the first challenge is to make a horror movie and present it at the end. The Grips have trouble over deciding a killer with Heather demanding to be it. Meanwhile Justin works his magic on Samey and convinces her to be heroin. At the Gaffers, Harold takes over as director and begins handing out roles. Dakota acts very diva-ish and transforms into Dakotazoid which scares her team. Scarlett is chosen to be the villain as they come to an agreement on a camp theme. The Grips finally start putting things together with Ella getting to work on filming and them getting their story in order. It's presenting time as we soon find out that the Gaffers film didn't really translate well to film. The script is nothing like the original and drags, boring Chris. It ends with a cop (Jasmine) arresting the framed Dakota. The Grips seem to have a better performance and are firing on all cylinders, getting the win. The Gaffers think it over and in the first Guilded Chris Award Ceremony of the season, Dakota is forced to take a ride in the lame-o-sine.

You Realize, This Means War