Total Drama: Rebooted was a cancelled project by Heozaki in the TDRPS wikia.  This page is for archival purposes.


Come join in the adventure as Chris McLean looks to bring Total Drama back to life with 14 former contestants from all three generations along with 4 brand spanking new contestants ready to join the fray. It's 1 character per portrayer and first come first serve so be fast or you'll miss out! Be sure to put your name and the person you want to play on the list.



1. Alejandro- Heozaki 

2. Lightning- Chwiis

3. Scott - DegrassiFTW27

4. Dave - Finnmcmissilecar

5. Duncan - Reelbigfishfan50000




1. Lindsay - Teamdarkfan4

2.Sugar- SteelWolf

3. Heather - AquaInfinity :3

4. Ella- Stone Goat Rock Boston

5. Samey - DerpyandDawn

6. Sky - SkyFanTD

7. Leshawna - DestructiveMilkshake

The Newbies





1. Demika

2. Rachel

Official Page

Total Drama: Rebootedis the very first season of our Total Drama series. This season takes place two years after the events of Total Drama Pahkitew Island as executives have decided to order up a brand new set of episodes. Our ever so lovable host, Chris McLean rounded up 14 of the best contestants in Total Drama history (and the only ones willing to sign another contract) for one more go around. But little do they know there is a batch of four new contestants ready to try their hand at this $1,000,000 game. To top it all of there is a brand new island and let's just say, this one is the strangest yet.

The Cast

Episode List