First Season of Online Acceleration, Created by Carly


This Game is fundamentally about speed, patience and intelligence. This game is not about drawing or anything other wise, there will be some drawing involved but there basically not meant to be perferct. All you have to do is sign up and complete the challenges. The challenges include (for example) draw a dog, find any song that has the lines "I love you" in the lyrics. But the challenges are more fun! TRUST ME!
These challenges do not tend to be perfect (the drawing challenges). You do not have to make the drawings perfect but at least show you tried. The challenge is based on speed, so why not try to be the first one to finish it right? Because, who ever posts there challenge last is automatically eliminated and will no longer participate in further challenges. The last user standing wins! What do they win?


  1. You can not use old drawers that you have made for one of the challenges. it NEEDS to be a new drawing.
  2. Read the instructions carefully when given a challenge!
  3. There will be no getting help from a friend who is outside of the challenge! (unless if its an alliance and that person who is helping is STILL in the game!)
  4. No editing pictures (you'll see why in other challenges)
  5. Do not claim this game to be unfair or rigged! Im trying to make this game fun!
  6. If you will be apsent for one of the challenges (due to personal issues). You can be excused for 1 challenge and 1 challenge only!
  7. Be nice to one another. If a fight ever breaks lose in the challenge over the game, can result to disqualification!
  8. Make the due dates. (The challenges are easy and simple so i dont see why you wouldnt make the due date, AND ITS FUN!!!)

Round 1



(1)Find TWO Picture of Taylor Swift in a Black Dress
(2)Post the two pictures on the pages Comments (sending a link if fine as well)

(1)You can't repeat an image that anyone else has used, please pick another one!
(2)Last person to post there challenge is the 1st Player Eliminated
(3)If you do not complete the challenge till the due date. You are Disqualified from the competition!

November 22nd 6:00 PM (ET)

First Place: Heo!
Safe: Rocky, Aqua, Chwiis, Fiz, RJ
Knocked Out: GO

Round 2


CHALLENGE: Russian Roulette

(1)Play the Game Ricohet Kills 3
(2)Make it Past Level 5
(3)Print Screen level 5 and send the picture in the Comments.
Proving That you made it past the level
(4)Write down
I ______ Finished Today's Challenge
Showing that the screen shot is completely yours and was not stolen

(1)No Rage quiting!
(2)Do not steal anyones photo's, I can tell if it was, by the way the mans arms are at.
(3)Last person to post there Drawing is Eliminated

November 24th 6:00 PM (ET)



First Place: Heo!
Safe: Chwiis, Rocky, Aqua, RJ
Knocked Out: Fiz

Round 3


CHALLENGE: Painting Original Characters

(1)Draw a Character in Paint
(2)You DO NOT Have to make the picture perfect! Show that you at least tried.
(3)Post the two pictures on the pages Comments

(1)No Tracing, Recolors or Art theft
(2)You must draw the Character in Paint!
(3)Must be a Full Body OC!
(4)Last person to post there Drawing is Eliminated

November 26th 6:00 PM (ET)

First Place: Rocky!
Safe: RJ, Chwiis, , Aqua
Knocked Out: Heo

Challengers Scores

# Name Total of Points Point Average Elimination
26 Rocky 17 5.67
69 Chwiis 12 4
9 Aqua 10 3.33
21 RJ 8 2.67
17 Heo 13 6.5 3rd Eliminated
9.9 Fiz 4 2 2nd Eliminated
14 GO 1 1 1st Eliminated

ex: since there are 7 contestants still in the game. first place player gets 7 points, the 2nd place gets 6 points. etc.


Participant Number Status Placing
GO 14 1st Knocked out
in Black Dress
7th Place Non-Half-Time
Fiz 9.9 2nd Knocked out
in Black Dress
6th Place
Heo 17 3rd Knocked out
in Painting Original Characters
5th Place
Order Rounds
1 2 3 4 5 6
1 Heo Heo Rocky
2 Rocky Chwiis RJ
3 Aqua Rocky Chwiis
4 Chwiis Aqua Aqua
5 Fiz RJ Heo
6 RJ Fiz
7 GO
     The contestant won first place
     The contestant was Knocked out of the competition
     The contestant won online accerleration