In honor of fellow member JRO123, we(and by "we" I mean me) have decided to do a Hurt n' Heal styled game. Only this time it has to do with the Total Drama girls. You are gonna heal which you feel is the most attractive/fapped to recently and hurt the one you feel is the ugliest/most repulsive. Have fun! Also. as of August 13th, 2014, AaliyahMoon is no longer allowed to vote due to being a straight female.

Character Points Rank
Lindsay 10 Winner
Gwen 0 Runner-Up
Heather 0 3rd
Katie 0 4th
Courtney 0 5th
Bridgette 0 6th
Samey 0 7th
Scarlett 0 8th
Ella 0 9th
Dakota 0 10th
Amy 0 11th
Izzy 0 12th
Zoey 0 13th
Jasmine 0 14th
Dawn 0 15th
Sky 0 16th
Anne Maria 0 17th
Jo 0 18th
LeShawna 0 19th
Eva 0 20th
Sierra 0 21st
Blaineley 0 22nd
Sugar 0 23rd
Beth 0 24th
Sadie 0 25th
Staci 0 26th