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The Asylum is an upcoming TNH RP that will take place in August of 2017. Heozaki and DegrassiFTW27 are creatively leading this project.

"The idea consists of two teams competing in challenges for safety but while they are teams in a way it still functions as an individual game. It's a competition within a competition as even if you are on the losing team,you can still earn a position known as team captain through points. In defeat as team captain you get to vote one of your own into an area known as "the dome" where they will compete in an elimination against a person chosen by the team."

Logan is portrayed by Heozaki.

Blaineley and Junior are portrayed by Dark Knight Rebirth.

Courtney and Brick are portrayed by DegrassiFTW27,

Samey and Geoff are portrayed by SteelWolf.

Sky and Jacques are portrayed by Rocky XXVII.

Amy and Duncan are portrayed by JRO123.

Josh and Zoey are portrayed by Chwiis 3.0.

TBA and TBA are portrayed by Oka Tree.

Lorenzo and Mickey are portrayed by King Toastus.

Ciera and Kimmi are portrayed by LucinaFTW.


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