It's by far the most divisive activity in the history of TNH (formerly TDRPW), it has caused more heated feuds, arguments, and broken friendships than Maury. And now it has returned, one last time. That's right folks, TNH Members Hurt N' Heal is back for the fifth (and final) time! And since it's the last one, I say we go out with a bang, by having the largest cast in HnH history! With over 40 users listed from the wiki's history (both past and present), it is truly the most All-Star addition to the series! And only one person can win, who will it be?

You know the rules: You must choose to heal one person, and hurt another. You can not heal or hurt yourself, and you cannot vote more than once a day, so use your hurts and heals wisely. Once someone has no points left, they are eliminated, and this will go on until there is literally only one user left, and that person will be declared the winner of HnH 5! (P.S. Neither Chwiis or Rocky will be competing in this HnH so we can keep our clean winning records of 2-1. tee-hee!)

This edition of TNH Members Hurt & Heal began on June 29th, 2017.

Character Points Rank
Ally 5 TBA
Aqua 7 TBA
Bat 5 TBA
Berry 5 TBA
Boogie 5 TBA
Brazilianbimbo 5 TBA
Dark 10 TBA
Ethan 6 TBA
Fiz 8 TBA
Garret 5 TBA
Gary the Gaget Dude 6 TBA
Grass 9 TBA
Heather 5 TBA
Heo 6 TBA
KidLego 5 TBA
LindsayLover 5 TBA
Lush 5 TBA
MegaXMaster 5 TBA
Meta 7 TBA
MikesEvilAltMal 6 TBA
Milk 5 TBA
Reel 5 TBA
Rimie 1 TBA
Rocker 5 TBA
SierraStalker 5 TBA
Smalls 5 TBA
SonicFan 4 TBA
TheAnimeKid87 5 TBA
Toast 9 TBA
Ultra 7 TBA
V.Von 3 TBA
Zakk 0 35th
Lego 0 36th
EmmetLevi 0 37th
Chip 0 38th
Zee 0 39th
05 0 40th
Sean the Arctic Fox 0 41st
Wind 0 42nd
Niks 0 43rd
Mirnish 0 44th