If twice wasn't enough, three times the charm! Here is the biggest, most all-star worthy HnH, featuring 25 TNH (Formerly TDRPW) members past and present! The rules are the same, heal your favorite user, hurt your least favorite, and remember, you cannot hurt or heal yourself. Good luck, cus you're gonna need it! BAM!

This edition of TNH Members Hurt & Heal went on from January 18th to April 1st, 2015.

Character Points Rank
Chwiis 13 Sexy Winner
DestructiveMilkshake 0 Runner-Up
LucinaFTW 0 3rd
XxAquaInfinityxX 0 4th
ToasterSnifferBreadIsGood 0 5th
SteelWolf 0 6th
Teamdarkfan4 0 7th
AaliyahMoon 0 8th
OMGitsGARRET 0 9th
Rocky LXIX 0 10th
Heather11203333 0 11th
Ethan Oka 0 12th
Metanuki 0 13th
BoogieMango 0 14th
DegrassiFTW27 0 15th
Ultra98 0 16th
Reelbigfishfan50000 0 17th
Gary the Gaget Dude 0 18th
ChunkyChipackers 0 19th
BatmanTDI 0 20th
Heozaki 0 21st
V.Von Schweetz 0 22nd
GODuncan 0 23rd
Rocker B.A 0 24th
JRO123 0 25th