Due to popular demand, the TNH (Formerly TDRPW) Members Hurt & Heal will be getting a sequel! Since I was not a fan of the outcome in the last game, and cus I'm the host, I will be excluding myself this time around. You guys know the rules: Heal your favorite user, Hurt your least favorite. And remember, you can NOT Hurt/Heal yourself. Have fun!

This edition of TNH Members Hurt & Heal went on from September 4th to October 1st, 2014. This also makes it the shortest Hurt & Heal game in TNH history, lasting only 27 days.

Character Points Rank
Chwiis 14 Winner
AquaInfinity 0 Runner-Up
Teamdarkfan4 0 3rd
ToasterSnifferBreadIsGood 0 4th
Rocker B.A 0 5th
DegrassiFTW27 0 6th
JRO123 0 7th
Metanuki 0 8th
Reelbigfishfan50000 0 9th
BatmanTDI 0 10th
Heather11203333 0 11th
ChunkyChipackers 0 12th
Heozaki 0 13th
Drfizwuz997xlol 0 14th
AaliyahMoon 0 15th
SteelWolf 0 16th
GODuncan 0 17th
OMGitsGARRET 0 18th