[This is being kept for archival purposes]

Every Friday, the TDRPW hosts a Google Hangouts that is welcome to anyone!  You can join it, but like any other chat, we do have some rules.  Here are the following rules for the Google Hangouts Chat:

  1. Please do NOT do anything you wouldn't do in this wiki, that includes: Sexual/Racial slurs, swearing excessively, etc.
  2. At times we will watch YouTube videos for enjoyment, but some of the content may be inappropriate.  If you feel uncomfortable, please mute your computer or message one of our admins or chat mods. 
  3. You are allowed to show yourself on the chat, but do not do anything inappropriate while that camera is on.
  4. If You break any of Wikia's and the TDRPW's rules and policy, you will be given a warning to some extent.  If you do something that we believe is unacceptable, you will be reported to Wikia's and the TDRPW's staff.  You may receive a week to an infinite ban.

We hope that all of us can enjoy our Friday Hangout sessions and make this traditional for our wiki! We will post the link to the hangout only on Fridays, no other day unless it's a special occasion.  If you have further questions, you can ask our staff by checking out our front page.  Thank you and we hope you enjoy the TDRPW.

Link for this Friday: