Just like every other past Hurt N' Heal game. Heal your favorite sock, hurt your least favorite. Have fun! This edition of Hurt & Heal began on December 5th, 2014 and ended on July 28th, 2017.

Character Points Rank
GOsama 31 Winner
CRACKERodney 0 Runner-Up
SPAZ92 0 3rd
DOUCHeo 0 4th
Yoshi is Not a Mexican 0 5th
OMGitsFUGLY 0 6th
AnnaSophiaMoon 0 7th
Teamdarkfag4 0 8th
FAGeoff 0 9th
Whatzoeyhasfans 0 10th
Hebola 0 11th
KirbyKirbyGo 0 12th
GOLeshawna 0 13th
Coolio Rider 0 14th
Twerkingtime 0 15th
Zeebem10 0 16th
Cody 2015 0 17th
Mr.Duncan007 0 18th
UkivatiX 0 19th
AssyrianAsylum 0 20th

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