The Night Hub (Formerly known as TDRPW) was founded on November 10th, 2013. Since then, we make it our goal to create an experience that entertains all of our users. Our philosophy heavily involves trying out-of-the-box ideas that are not really pursued in the FANDOM platform. These ideas come to fruition as RPs, Wiki Events, and funny stories. The wiki has over 211 articles and 27,642 edits. Thank you to everyone who's contributed to our success and made this place amazing.

Our featured user of the next two weeks is JRO! JRO has been a part of our site for the last 5 years. As a mod, he's helped us recruit and revitalize TNH to a new era. He's constantly helping and making this place better. Congrats to him!
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  • Heozaki

    Welp, this was bound to happen at some point lol.  I'm officially retiring from The Night Hub.  This isn't a stunt or anything; I'm done for good.  Just to debunk some theories, I wasn't mad at anyone when I left the Discord, I was just tired.  I realized things h…

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  • Rocky XXVII

    Fucking Wikia is promoting this garbage on the side of the page: 

    First off, Elastigirl is her superhero name, real name is Helen Parr. So that just shows how much they know. Secondly, the Incredibles movies are about the importance of family and family values. If …

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